School was a very cruel environment and I was a loner. But I learnt to get hurt and I learnt to cope with it.

"It means a lot to me if people are interpreting the music in the way that I originally wanted it to be done. But, I do feel that music is a bit like a painting, in that when you buy a painting, it's because you like it. And what is important is your interpretation of what it means. That's why it means so much to you. I think that applies to records as well."

"My first Top of the Pops I didn't want to do. I was terrified. I'd never done television before. Seeing the video afterwards was like watching myself die."

"I think quotes are very dangerous things."

"Ah, well I'm vegetarian. But I'm not very good about what I eat, actually. I'm not that disciplined. I like chocolate and rubbish. But I love vegetables."

"It is so hard and so frustrating sometimes trying to get an idea to materialise. It's not an easy process. I really like working with people who are old friends, it's lovely."