The Red Shoes (1993)

Cover of 1993's The Red Shoes

What am I singing?
A song of seeds
The food of love.
Eat the music.

The Red Shoes takes its title from the film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger; the story of the film, and the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen which in turn inspired it, concerns a dancer possessed by her art who cannot shake off the eponymous shoes and find peace. The album sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

The musical style was far more simple and direct than on any album since Never For Ever. The initial plan had been to take the songs out on the road and so Bush deliberately aimed for a live band feel, with less of the studio trickery that had typified her last three albums and which would be difficult to recreate on stage. The result alienated some of her fan base who enjoyed the intricacy of her earlier compositions, but others found a new complexity in the lyrics and the emotions they expressed. Gone were the stories and character pieces of her earlier work to be replaced by a set of songs that are almost like a diary. This was a troubled time for Bush. She had suffered a series of bereavements, including the loss of her favoured guitarist, Alan Murphy, and, most painfully, her mother, Hannah. Many of the people she lost are honoured on the ballad, "Moments Of Pleasure", as well as Douglas Fairbanks, whom she met shortly before his death. Her long-term relationship with Del Palmer had also broken down, although the pair continued to work together.

Most notably, The Red Shoes featured many more high profile cameo appearances than her previous efforts. Comedian Lenny Henry provided guest vocals on "Why Should I Love You?", a track that featured significant contributions from Prince. "And So Is Love" features guitar work by Eric Clapton. Gary Brooker, from the band Procol Harum and Jeff Beck also donated their talents to the recording.

A film, The Line, the Cross and the Curve, starring Kate Bush and Miranda Richardson, was released the same year, featuring 6 of the songs on the album and the fruit imagery from the 'Eat the music' section is used in the artwork of the album's interior sleeve and the back of the exterior sleeve.

Album Tracks:

1. Rubberband Girl
2. And So Is Love
3. Eat The Music
4. Moments Of Pleasure
5. The Song Of Solomon
6. Lily
7. The Red Shoes
8. Top Of The City
9. Constellation Of The Heart
10. Big Stripey Lie
11. Why Should I Love You?
12. You're The One

Source: Wikipedia